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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Being Who We Are.....Feels Good

Ankita was standing in front of the mirror and checking her dress and make-up, was it OK or did she looked overdressed and decked-up. She was not used to of applying make-up and putting on shimmery or lacy cloths, but her mother had forced her to wear that red suit with a shimmer dupatta with golden lace. Her mother also gave her own gold danglers to Ankita to wear today as it was an important day for her. The Ladkawalas were coming to see her and she had to look her best or even "better than she actually was," as her mother believed. 

It wasn't that her mother did not find her beautiful enough but as per her own perceptions and experiences and the society that she live in, a dark complexioned girl with a short height was not considered good enough to be chosen by any "eligible"  groom without much considerations. It was this that made Ankita's mother worry a lot as she feared the worst for her daughter....like many other women with daughters in our society still believe....that their daughters  won't find a good husband on "time" if they are not tall, fair and extremely beautiful.

Ankita was neither happy nor nervous today as she had got used to such sessions of meeting the groom-side, getting rejected for stupid reasons. And she was also somewhere aware that this meeting is also going to end in the same manner. She knew in her heart that all the prospective grooms and their parents are always in search of good-looking girl who would add some more charm to their charming looking family. 

She felt frustrated and angry...not with herself but with the hypocrisy of the society she and her parents and all the groom-side were living in. She wondered what kind of a progressive and educated society is this that still choose a life-partner more on the basis of physical appearance and less on their compatibility in education, likes and dislikes and ideology!
 As she was lost in these thoughts her mother knocked the door and said...."Ankita get ready fast....they have come. You have to get the snacks when I call you." 

"Ok Ma...I know that. I have done this so many times!" Ankita replied with a frown.
And soon her mother called her from the drawing room...Ankita was just too upset at the stupidity of this whole meeting that she didn't go out. Her mother called her again and still she did not want to move....she knew it was causing some embarrassment to her mother and that made her even more uncomfortable and upset. 

She heard her mother saying to the guests..."I think she is feeling shy to come on her own...I will go and get her."

Ankita felt like running away from the house as she heard her mother approaching her room.

Her mother stepped in and before she could say anything Ankita said in an irritated manner..."Ma I don't want to meet anyone....please ask them to go."

"But Ankita...they have come to see you....how can I ask them to go now...Why can't you meet them?" Said her mother,

"Ma I know what they are going to say...and I can't let this happen to me again and again...and this is not important for me at all." Ankita took her mothers hand in her own and said..." I just need your support and love in life Ma....marriage is not important for me."

Her mother now got a little angry and she said in a stern voice..."But getting you married off is important for me.........now stop this nonsense and come with me."

Ankita new that it was not easy to convince her mother....and that too at this delicate situation...so she decided to go with her but with a decision in her heart."

As Ankita entered the drawing room with her mother...holding the snack tray in her hand....everybody looked amazed and puzzled.
Ankita was not wearing that red suit or the jewelry that her mother gave. There was no make-up on her face and she looked exactly how she actually was. Simple looks, intelligent eyes and a strong personality. She didn't care about the outcome of this meeting, whether the boy will like her or not and it didn't even matter to her anymore......because she now knew what she wanted to be and whom she wanted to be with. 

So whether she was like what others wanted her to be and whether others wanted to be with her or not was none of her concerns anymore. She felt good and happy being and looking who she actually was.

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  1. Wow...this is really good. I like Ankita's guts to take such a stand. :)

    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for dropping by.

  2. This post has been selected for the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

  3. Loved the narration. It is more or less same story with girls even today . They are presented as a show piece in front of strangrs, made to do silly things , asked stupid question on pretext of marriage. Its time to bury such incensitive customs .

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    1. Yes Garima.....and the truth is that we all realize that things are not right but just cant gather enough courage to take a different path and bring the change.
      Will surely visit you blog :-).

  4. Excellent post.. I really loved the way you narrated the story.

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