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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wonders of the Nature

Why do the birds sing and why does the wind blow
I wonder what spirit they've got
To keep their pace going, oh...will I ever know

I see the trees growing and the river flow
The snow falling from nowhere
I see the sun rising and a thousand stars glow

The rain that makes a peacock crazy,
the singing of a cuckoo,
Or the summer breeze that make my limbs lazy,

Blooming of a marigold, a lily or a daisy
It all leaves me clueless
My heart intrigued and my mind hazy

Yes there are answers to all my quests
In the books of wisdom 
And in science where nothing is guessed 

They tell me the truth and make me blest
They show me the causes, 
Give reasons and blow my amazement with jest

But they tell me not why they happen at all
The cause of all causes 
The reason behind all reasons, big or small

They tell me not why the temperature fall
Causing the snow to form
Or the pressure that develop to bring the squall

So I don't look into the causes and the reasons,
I don't think too much 
And enjoy the wonders of the nature with no treason 

I smile with the rainbows and make a decision
Will not question anymore
The beauty of this world that engulf me in all season

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Look....whom I am talking to!

This might sound a lot stupid but I have this weird habit of having mute conversations with all living and non-living things around me other than human beings. Err…to make myself clear ….what I mean to say is that I find myself talking to furniture, vegetables, insects and other such things that cause or become a reason of trouble for me. Like when my internet connection goes damn slow right when I have to do anything urgent and important, I would say…"Haan..Haan…abhi kyu chalenge aap computer mahashay…jab baby rhymes dikhana ho tab daudna superfast.” (Yeh..Yeh…why would you work now Mr. computer….you only run superfast when you have to play baby rhymes.”)
Or when I am in no mood to cook (which is quite often) and try making a quick recipe and it starts burning at the very first occasion of not being attended to, it gets on my nerves and I would go like this “lo…doob jao chullu bhar paani me…besharam” (Here…drown yourself in a handful of water…you shameless.) while adding just a little water which is needed anyway to save the recipe.
I know we all do some amount of internal talking when we really want say it on people’s face but refrain from doing so for lots of reasons, but my habit sometimes lands me in unexpected situations as I tend to complement my internal dialogs with some visible gestures or expressions. Coming up is one such incident that I can never forget.
As I have mentioned above that I am rarely in a mood to cook…it is basically because I don’t enjoy cooking and my otherwise a little creative mind just refuses to move its limbs when it comes to churning out ideas on what and how to cook. On one such day when I was left with a limited choice of vegetables in my fridge and was trying hard to come up with a lunch menu that everyone in the house could get down their throat, I picked up a Kaddu (pumpkin) and literally banged it (lightly) on my head and said (mutely of course) “Ab aap kaddu bhai jo mere matthe pade hain…apse kya pakaaun main?” (Now that I am stuck with you brother pumpkin….what should I cook out of you?) After a few minutes of intensive contemplating and brooding over the vegetables I went on to cook. I don’t remember if I talked to my recipes that day or not because the history was already made. Later that evening my respected Father-in-Law (FIL) came to me with a very grave expression on his face. He looked very uncomfortable and worried as if there was something that has been bothering him and yet he had no clue about it. So he put the question straight to me.
FIL: “Were you banging your head today?”  
Me: “Err…w..what..no”. The kaddu banging had slipped out of my mind
FIL: “Yes…you did…I Know…I saw it through a satellite reception.” That was his humorous attempt on the matter….just to make me feel better I guess.
Me: “But…I was not…” Now the lightening flashed and I knew what he was talking about
FIL: “Is there anything bothering you? Did you two had a fight?” referring to my husband.
Me: “No papa…its nothing like that…I was not banging my head…” I wanted to explain but my FIL interrupted me and started giving me all the “Gyaan” that he felt the need to give. This is a little flaw in my FIL personality that he just don’t have the patience to know or may be just don’t feel the need to see the other side of the coin and whatever is his own perception of things, becomes the truth…and the only truth. So he began counselling me about all the things he could think of as a probable cause of my head-banging.
FIL: “I know you have to do a lot…you are a new mother and must be finding it difficult to manage all the things at home with a little baby but this is life and we all are doing our roles…we are here to support you ..you can tell me if there is anything that’s bothering you. You are the pillar of this family (that’s his favourite adjective for me)..its because of your support that everything is on its place (I started another internal dialog and said to him…oh please papaji…I am happy being a woman…don’t make me a damn boring pillar!!)
All through his 15 or something minutes of “gurugyan” aimed at me I wanted to laugh out loud and tell him the truth…but I controlled myself as it would have given him a bigger shock and a much serious issue to deal with, to know that his “samajhdaar bahu” was actually talking to a kaddu.
So I just kept nodding my head in all seriousness and pleaded guilty in modest silence and tried my best to match the expressions of gravity on his face.    

Monday, 9 September 2013

Wings like a bird....Swiftness of the air
Eyes of an artist and a heart with lesser care.....
All that I want....All that I need to be happy...
Is to travel around the beautiful blue and green "sphere".....

Travelling has always been cathartic to me and have proved to be the best medicine whenever I have suffered from anything like stress, loneliness, boredom, overwork or have just felt sad because of many petty or great reasons. Just the thought of packing my bags and going out on a journey makes my face glow. Not just the destination but the journey itself gives me comfort and fills my heart with joy.

While travelling alone always gives you more freedom to go at your own pace and do whatever you enjoy doing on your trip, going out with family or friends make any journey more memorable. You always keep talking about the things you did together and the experiences you had during that trip. Before going on the trip the conversations always begin with "we will go there....and oh we will do this" and later it change to "wow we went there and did that." There is always something to talk about and something to remember that brings a smile on every body's face. Memories and smiles both are two very essential ingredients of happy and contended living. I want to make some such beautiful memories with my family that could ensure a lifetime supply of smiles for me.

I want to take them away to a place where they can't think of anything but fun and could enjoy themselves to the fullest without the worries of this world. As my family has members of all age group I will have to find such a place that cater to the taste and convenience of all of them. There should be some calm and peaceful space for the elders to relax...some happening activities for the young lot and a fun filled environment for the kids to enjoy. Hmmm...the chime ringing in my mind right now says.... Go Goa. Yes, I think that would be the perfect place for a family holiday. The grandparents would just love to sit by the seaside and enjoy watching their little bundles of joy make sandcastles while the mommies and papas can go try paragliding...surfing...cruising...dancing....drinking....oops. And for the women in the group who enjoy shopping...where I top the list can go hopping from one beach market to the other with tons of items to buy from!

After such exhausting activities there would be time for some munching, sipping and burping. Goa offers such a wide variety of top tasting food that you can always have your 'tummyful' but never your 'heartful' of them. There is food to choose from the local flavors of Goan cuisine to the mixed flavors from all over India or some Chinese or continental food. People in my family have very varied liking for food and I am sure they will love eating in the open beach-side restaurants of Goa.

Aahh...what a lovely dream it is to be at the beautiful seashore with all your loved ones together without any work and lost of time and money to spend. Wish a day week like that comes soon in my life. Till then I will keep weaving my thoughts.

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